Donar CD Ripper

Donar CD Ripper is an amazing utility which rips CDs and converts audio files with great proficiency. Now you can finally digitize your carefully plotted collection of audio tracks that so far have been available to you only on CDs. The program presents an eye-catching main window which proves not only stylish but very functional as well, having smart icons for all actions you can perform. The program allows you to extract files into most popular formats such as MP3 and OGG or WAV files. Further you can convert the files between these formats. Furthermore, the application can rip files using the space-efficient VBR compression scheme. The quality of the ripped files is exceptional and the time necessary for a complete CD ripping is kept to the minimum thanks to an impressive extraction speed.

Installing Donar CD Ripper is effortless and using it satisfies both advanced users and beginners. You have the liberty to adjust settings by preferences and depending on the various quality features of the music and you can also use Donar CD Ripper player to listen to your favorite music. The program is set to collect title information from the CDDB database and in addition supports ID3 tagging. It includes the ability to extract only part of the CD or of the track and you can choose the range of the track (from which minute and second to which minute and second) or the number of tracks you want to extract by using a window which pops up when pressing the icon.

Moreover, it normalizes the output files and features additional LAME options. Donar CD Ripper can be used to record sound files using your sound card. As some of the ripping programs now on the market have proved poor compatibility with Windows XP, we think it’s worth mentioning that no such problems were encountered during our tests with Donar CD Ripper. Most important – Donar CD ripper comes FREE does NOT contain any adware or spyware!

Key Features

Donar CD Ripper is packed with many great features that enable a rapid and smooth ripping process. Check out a sampling of the features Donar CD Ripper brings to the table:

  • Recorded Tracks Output Directory. This allows you to see where the ripped MPEG (or WAV files) get stored after ripping and also allows you to select the output directory at any time.
  • Digital CD Playback (default: off). You get to play back a CD even if there’s no direct connection between the CD-ROM and the sound card because the CD data is sent the read data to the sound card.
  • Character Replacement button. Allows you to choose the character replacements for those filename characters you cannot use.
  • Split Track name to Artist/Track using X character. This option is very useful in the case of a collection of CDs or a compilation which includs various artists.
  • Add Files to M3U Play-list: You can add the recorded files to the file Playlist.m3U. The location and the filename of the M3U playlist are according to the Playlist filename builder string.
  • Ripping Method. This feature lets you select the ripping method used to read the data from the CD-ROM. The settings included in the Ripping Method are:
    • Standard: Enabling the jitter correction allows extra data to be read from the CD. The jitter errors are detected by merely comparing the overlap area with the data cropped during the precedent read.
    • Paranoia Overlap Only: It behaves similarly to Standard Ripping Method, the only exception that it uses the cd paranoia library.
    • Paranoia No Verify: Employs the full CD paranoia ripping method without having the verification option enabled.
    • Paranoia No Scratch Repair: Does not check for scratches and does not execute scratch-tolerant synchronization when verification is in progress.
    • Paranoia Full: Enables all the available CD paranoia options.

Menu options

The menu interface for Donar CD Ripper is extensive, intuitive and functional, and comes with substantial array of options to control all aspects of the ripping process.

  • Copy to clipboardThis enables copying the track information to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it into another application.
  • Select allAll the tracks in the track list window can be selected.
  • Record Files You can use Donar CD Ripper to record sound files.
  • Refresh track listThis option re-reads the data from the CD-ROM and will retrieve data from the local CDDB or CDPlayer.ini files. Because it does not save the current track information prior to overwriting it with the data from the local CDDB or CDPlayer.ini files – you should handle this option carefully!
  • Rename TrackYou can change the title of the currently selected track. Once you have finished editing a track name, you can press the Return key to do the same with the next track entry. To stop editing press the Esc key.
  • Ripping Status DetailsThis option helps you check where jitter errors have occurred during the ripping process. Jitter errors occurrence are labeled with an X in the track list window. The Ripping Status will show further information about the jitter errors.

Convert Menu Options

  • Extract CD Track(s) to WAV file
  • Extract CD Track(s) to MPEG files
  • Extract Partial CD Track
  • Re-encode Compressed Audio Files
  • Convert WAV files to Compressed Audio Files
  • Convert Compressed Audio Files to WAV files
  • Strip RIFF-WAV header from MP2/MP3 files
  • Add RIFF-WAV header to MP2/MP3 files


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